Rita Pignato’s journey into photography began in college. While studying Art and Advertising Design at New York City Technical College. The camera became her voice. As she states, “it was my paint brush and creative tool”. After college she continued to take photography classes in color and black and white photography. But then, her busy life in the corporate world started to take over her free time. Rita worked as a Print Production Manager. Her last position was at TIAA-CREF in New York City where she was a Production Manager for 17 of her 35 years in the business.

After her hiatus from full-time photography, something inside of her longed for a creative outlet. While attending an art show, she realized that she needed to get back to her photography which was her way of creatively expressing her feelings. This was a turning point in Rita’s life and for her there was no turning back.

Rita’s photographs are simply and honestly straightforward, while at the same time romantic and timeless.
She approaches her photography as a fine art form, and is constantly pursuing information, teaching and assignments that stretch her creative and technical abilities. She has studied with Joel Meyerowitz, Alison Shaw, Bob Krist, Eddie Soloway, and many other great photographers. In 2009, Rita attended the Career Training Program at Rocky Mountain School of Photography where she immersed herself into her photography for 5 exciting and priceless months.

Over the years she became more involved with the printing of her images; and really loves the craft of printing. While she finds printing a challenge at times, she also finds it rewarding and fun. She feels that with digital printing, she has complete control on how she wants her photographs to look.

Her focus is on fine art photography with an emphasis on the landscape, seascapes, architecture, street shooting, macro and printing. She enjoys being out in the environment and trying to capture the changes that take place around us. She is constantly looking for compositions that are outside of the box. More importantly she wants to make images that are inspirational and moving to others.

Rita’s work has always been in color; but over the past couple of years, she has been focusing on digitial Black and White. Rita’s camera of choice is a 35 mm camera. Her digital darkroom consists of Epson 2880 and 3800 printers, Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 scanner, Apple Computers and she works primarily in Lightroom and Photoshop. She uses only archival inks and papers. She especially likes Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Paper.

For more of Rita’s photography, it can be seen on her website, www.ritapignato.com